Three Little Words

It's a funny thing, that fear of telling people exactly how we feel about them.

Whether these are feelings of romantic love or friendship, for most, we are held back from telling someone just where their place is in our hearts.

Love is a necessity. As humans, we crave it. Yet, we prevent ourselves from giving it confidently to others, out of worry that our feelings for them are somehow offensive.

Why is it so difficult to say just three little words? It shouldn't be so hard, they're just words. How can three syllables carry so much anxiety, when saying them should add the meaning we all deserve to have in our lives?

Because it all comes down to whether or not this person loves you. Whether they share your feelings of kinship, friendship or romance. It comes down to what we get out of the love we are trying to give.

Our selfish tendencies collide with the loneliness, when we've spent our lives giving our hearts to ten thousand unworthy souls, searching for the one person that will give their heart to us freely.

But that doesn't mean we stop trying. We were given actions so that we can demonstrate our words. And the truly genuine will read them.

They will understand, regardless of how clearly "I love you" is spoken.

What is your favorite quote/saying about love? Let me know in the comments below.

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