the Unique Beauty of Seasonal Change

Summer is at an end to be certain, and I will miss it for its charms. But we must welcome new change in life, and seasonal change is both the easiest and most beautiful change to embrace.

I believe every season of the year carries its own unique feeling. One does not feel inspired the same way when they look at a flower in July, as opposed to hoarfrost in February. Nevertheless, each one is beautiful.

When I think of summer, I think of lace dresses, wildflower bouquets, and everything that is delicate and feminine. The softness of summer is a glorious and subtle thing. Autumn on the other hand, has a more cozy, homelike feeling for me. My mind goes to evenings of sewing needlepoint by the fireplace with my mom as we watch Road to Avonlea, harvest time in the country as farmers cultivate their fields, and going for walks on crisp autumnal evenings knowing apple cider awaits me at home. The same happy feeling, but for very different reasons.

I love how different each new season is. Even winter, which can sometimes be a pain as we get it for 9 months where I live (good ol Canada). It has such a freshness about it, and a feeling of coziness and family togetherness that no other season can match. It's truly wonderful when you stop to think about it, how there is so much variety in the seasonal change.

Autumn for me has always felt more like the beginning of a new year than the actual new year. I expect that's because of school, but it's been ingrained in me that Autumn is truly the season of new beginnings. I love the feeling of a fresh slate, and I find when I'm frustrated about things in my life or when my anxiety is overwhelming me, the change of weather and season is a comfort. I feel I can leave behind all of yesterdays anxieties in yesterdays season, and start again amid the changing leaves and the pumpkin spice.

Wouldn't life be boring if every season was a copy of the other? If every flower smelled the same, or if every blade of grass was the same shade of green? I find I mark the uniqueness of life by the way the natural world looks on a day to day basis. When the sun is lower in the sky or when the poplar trees look especially cheerful; Every day of every season is new.

Many of us feel the way our seasons feel- Rejuvenated in spring, romantic in summer, homelike in Autumn and cozy in the winter. If we love all the seasons and their changes, oh, we will certainly reap their benefits, and feel their beauty in everyday life.

Are you happy that it's autumn? Which season is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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