The Rose Garden- an Excerpt

Hey there readers and writers!

I came across a little story from a few months back that I wrote when I was trying to spark an idea for a novel. It's very short, but I love it and I'd like to share it with all of you:

When I was a child, my mother planted a rose garden outside my window. She planted every variety of rose she could find and filled the beautiful open space with an archway, white fence post, and vines that hung from the entrance to that paradisic sight.

Every night, she would unlatch my window, and let the fragrant beauty of those roses dip into my room, and she would read to me from my book of fairytales.

"Those flowers were put here for you" she'd say,

"And for every other little girl and her mother to enjoy."

From the moment she grew it, I did everything in that garden. I read books, drank tea, painted portraits, dreamed wonderful dreams; I made my home in that garden. It was my little corner of the world.

This excerpt was very short and was just an exercise for me to jumpstart my creativity on a day of writer's block. However, I have expanded it into a story I hope you'll all get a chance to read one day. I'll be certain to let you know when I do more with it.

Happy reading!

J.E Stanway

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