Springtime, Poetry and the Romantics

“That is one good thing about this world...there are always sure to be more springs.”
L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea

Despite everything going on in the world right now, things seem to be looking up with the arrival of April. Nothing lifts me up like new beginnings, and what new beginning is more beautiful than the awakening of spring? When the chirps of birds call you up in the morning, when the sun filters through your window, or when the air smells of dew and wildflowers- what could be more awe-inspiring?

Whenever this time of year comes around, I am totally transformed. I cannot stay sad, angry, or upset for long when the nature around me looks like a well-manicured garden. When spring and summer arrive, the real me comes out. Being a writer with social anxiety, I often have a difficult time expressing my true thoughts and feelings out loud about the things that make my heart sing. There have been many times when I've tried to express my inner feelings, and they ended up coming out awkward and sounding like I was making fun of myself. I still struggle with this problem, but it is not nearly as hard for me to feel when nature is practically begging all of us to explode with joy.

I've always felt I've done my best writing during the spring and summer months. It is, after all, the season of love; and being a romance author, this time of year gives me a fair amount of inspiration for love stories. Not from my personal life, mind you, but from other things. Poetry, for example, is the basic definition of beauty and love. Over the past couple of years, I've begun to do more in the area of poetry writing, and I have my ever-growing love of nature to thank for that. Things like yellow birdsfoot, poplar trees, lush wheat fields and butterflies (or faerie-birds as I call them) are what I call "living poetry." They are verses that write themselves, just from emanating their beauty over every other living thing.

I often revert back to my love for the past when this time of year comes around. I think about all the open space that once existed, the air that had yet to be polluted, and the abundance of wildflowers that covered ten times more land than what we see nowadays. Perhaps that is why, as Romantics, we revert back to classic poetry so often- the Shakespeare's, Byron's and L.M Montgomery's of the world only ever knew what we never have- absolute nature, untainted by the hand of man. If we think we love flowers, fields, trees, and blue skies now, imagine how we would have felt back then? It is something that both keeps me awake at night and invigorates my soul.

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