Serenity and Finding it Elsewhere

It's no secret to my readers and followers that nature is a solace for my soul. I find myself there time and again, amidst the tall, sheltering trees and the invigorating scent of the wild roses. I feel I am at my most creative, and in my most poetic state of mind when I am able to immerse myself in the natural world, a world that is a kingdom all its own. But one thing I feel I cannot stress enough, is how wonderfully calm and serene I feel both while in nature, and for days after I have journeyed from there.

This should be no surprise, for nature is where we originated, where the human home once was. And I believe those of us armed with a deep love of creation, feel keenly that it is still our truest home, despite the skyscrapers and townhouses constantly being built all around us.

Now for some, they find they are most inspired while immersed in the hustle and bustle of city life. Many artists and writers thrive on the constancy and thrill of busy metropolitan existence. And that's perfectly fine, for to each his own. But there are some of us who have such a draw to that which is wild and free, that it revolves around all that we are.

Most of my writing is based around nature in one respect or another. The heroine in my novel is a farm girl, and has a love of the land so strong that she feels that she is a part of it. Much of my poetry touches on the freedom of being a creature or plant in the wild, having such a simple existence that brings such joy to onlookers.

I've attempted drawing inspiration from the excitement of city life, but have never been able to fully embrace it. To be sure, cities offer much in the way of culture, night life and beautiful architecture. But one thing they fail to bring about, at least for myself, is that complete feeling of serenity.

I write my best when I am at peace with myself. And in order to be at peace mentally, one must feel it physically. And for me they are one and the same. My life never feels more beautiful or meaningful than when I am surrounded by trees that have been alive for centuries, looking into a wood that feels so large and unexplored, that in finding out its mysteries and glories, I am at one with it all. At one with nature, with my writing, and with myself.

I am who I am because of the joy I experience in the wilderness. Were it not for the bluebells, the tall grasses, the cheerful robins or the sweet scented air that I crave to drink in, my writing would be non existent, and my peace would be constantly disturbed. There is no beauty like natural beauty- the glory that was meant to be here always, to be steadfast and recurring. It is more reliable than a man made building, and more awe inspiring than even the greatest literary work.

What is your relationship with nature? Let me know in the comments below!

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